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Pedestrian Accident Results in Hospitalization in Nassau County, NY

By MatadorAdminPedestrian Accidents

On July 27, 2021, a pedestrian was struck while crossing the Hempstead Turnpike, resulting in her hospitalization. The motorist was a 57-year-old woman driving a 2017 Honda eastbound on the Hempstead Turnpike. The accident occurred at 10:35 p.m. in the vicinity of a Checker’s restaurant in East Meadow. Nassau County police responded to the scene. The police reported that the …

Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Crash Fatalities Up 46%

By MatadorAdminPedestrian Accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently released a report indicating that pedestrian deaths in crashes involving motor vehicles and pedestrians rose a shocking 46% between 2009 and 2016. This is particularly surprising since the number of pedestrian deaths as a result of vehicle accidents was actually lower in 2016 than in 1975, by 20%. Arterials and SUVs Responsible for …

NYC Pedestrian Deaths Fall in 2017, But Remain a Problem

By MatadorAdminPedestrian Accidents

Year after year, New York City remains the most walkable city in the nation, according to Walk Score. The personal and regional benefits of a pedestrian-accessible city are continually tempered, however, with a tradition of triple digit pedestrian deaths each year. One major thoroughfare has contributed significantly to the number of deaths in the past but city officials have shown …

Simple Tips to Avoid a Pedestrian Accident

By MatadorAdminPedestrian Accidents

Have you ever come close to hitting someone crossing an intersection? Are you a walker who has almost been struck by a vehicle? Do these scenarios haunt you? Remember, because a vehicle weighs significantly more and moves at a faster speed, pedestrian accidents can have devastating consequences leading to death and catastrophic injuries. Each year, thousands of Americans suffer injuries …

Happy Halloween! Keep Your Children Safe from Pedestrian Accidents

By MatadorAdminPedestrian Accidents

As you celebrate Halloween this Friday, try to stay safe by avoiding drinking and driving and keeping an eye on your children. Remember, children are more prone to pedestrian accidents, especially around the holidays. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children are four times more likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents on Halloween than any …