• Hi Barry,
    I wanted to thank you and your team for settling my case. Getting hit by the car and being hurt was very uncomfortable. Your team helped to handle all of my bills which was my biggest concern shortly after the accident settled into my head. Aside from my medical bills being paid, I paid off 2 student loans with my winnings which is a great feeling :-)
    Thank you again!
    Sincerely, Lindsey B.
  • Barry:
    You are a rock star!! You are better at what you do than I even thought originally and I knew then you were the only one I knew who could do this!!!!
    Thank you!
    M.H. Rockland County , NY
  • I am writing this letter to express my total Pleasure and satisfaction in having chosen your firm to represent me after my accident. I can’t say enough about the feeling of comfort and security that I felt from the time I walked into your office, beginning with my initial contact with MS.Sarah Salisbury….Read More
    -Lincoln C. Cabrera
  • After our initial meeting, I knew I had made the right choice in choosing you to represent me. The other attorneys I had met with just did not have what I was looking for – – strength, enthusiasm, concern. I felt that you cared what happened to me and really wanted to help me get out of the mess I put myself into. For the first time in years, I felt positive about recovering my money. – CHRIS
  • I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me. You have been very patient, thoughtful and understanding. You are a great lawyer and a true friend. Thank you. – DAWN
  • I do think of you often and I did want you to know how much I appreciate the legal help you gave me. Without your help, I wouldn’t have received any settlement at all. The money I receive every month has made it possible for me to do things I otherwise would not have had a chance at. It means a lot to me and I thank you for your help and patience. – NANCY
  • You know me and you can understand when I say it’s never been easy for me to take direction from someone else. But from the day I learned that I was the client and you were the lawyer everything fell into place – – just as you predicted! – MARTY
  • I want to thank you for your good counsel and your friendship in the matter of my divorce. I’m especially grateful for the moments you’ve spent on the phone with me since our business was concluded, and I always value your advice. – BERNIE
  • As you can understand, it was very emotional for me and became extremely frustrating, once the witness “lost her memory”. But you fixed it. You were certainly masterful at trial, far superior to your adversary. – HOWARD
  • Thanks. You went all out and the results were outstanding. – THOMAS
  • You have helped me though a very difficult time in my life with your confident, expert guidance and professionalism You analyzed the situations, understood my frustration and most importantly, believed in me. You have been my lawyer, my confident and my friend. You and your staff are a true power company 2nd to none! – THERESA
  • Thanks for all of your help and support through this very trying time in my life. – VALERIE
  • Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to review my career plans with you. I know that you have a limited amount of time and appreciate the amount of time you spent advising me. Few experienced attorneys are willing to pass along what they have learned. – DAVID
  • I thank you over and over again for your time and effort. I am very happy with the settlement. – STEVE
  • Once again, Thank You for all your patience and understanding through these last few difficult months. Seldom do we meet professionals these days who leave us feeling that they do care. Thanks again. – BOB
  • The rest of my life was on the line… and I needed a home run. But it had to be a tape measure job. Something so spectacular that it would change the whole momentum of the game. We knew the victory would be small at best… but it would mean a great deal. With a great deal of hard work, dedication, creative thinking, caring, coupled with an impressive flair for negotiating and presenting my case, you managed to do it! – KAREN