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When construction accident lawyer Barry S. Kantrowitz is on your side, you benefit from our decades of experience as a skilled construction injury law firm, extensive trial experience, and a reputation for results that are recognized statewide and nationally.

If you suffered a serious or catastrophic injury at a construction site, or if a loved one’s wrongful death or serious personal injury occurred at a construction project, you may qualify for full financial compensation related to your accident. We will fight to get you a settlement that covers your expenses with additional compensation for pain and suffering.

What is New York Labor Law 240 for Construction Workers?

New York Labor 240 is designed to protect you from serious injury and death at your workplace. It was enacted more than a hundred years ago to protect workers whose duties took place at great heights, on or near tall buildings. Still in place, this law continues to protect workers from many different types of construction accidents.

At KGG we will hold property owners, contractors and subcontractors accountable when oversight or negligence leads to serious injury or disability for construction workers, such as for not providing fall protection. Our KGG legal team and investigators look carefully into your accident to determine if the appropriate construction safety devices were being used and properly implemented. If their misuse or disuse could have been the cause of your injury we can use that evidence to support your claim.

Find out more about New York Labor 240, and let us find out more about what happened to you, in a free consultation at your home or hospital room, if necessary. KGG attorneys have successfully represented construction accident injury clients in our Rockland County and Bergen County communities since 1975.

Scaffold or Ladder Fall? We Protect Workers’ Rights Under Labor 240

KGG attorneys protect your rights under New York Labor Law 240 when you sustain serious or catastrophic injuries resulting from construction site accidents including:

Our experienced construction injury law firm answers your questions honestly and accurately, gives you realistic assessments of your objectives and thoroughly researches your construction accident for facts that support your perspective on what happened.

How Can I Afford a Construction Injury Law Firm?

We offer free consultations regarding personal injury and work on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay no attorney fee unless we win your case. Do not hesitate to contact our construction accident attorneys if a scaffolding fall, forklift accident or other injury has sidelined you from your job. Contact either of our full-service law offices with one toll-free phone call to (800) 711-5258 or fill out our online contact form.