Happy Halloween! Keep Your Children Safe from Pedestrian Accidents

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As you celebrate Halloween this Friday, try to stay safe by avoiding drinking and driving and keeping an eye on your children. Photo of New Jersey child support

Remember, children are more prone to pedestrian accidents, especially around the holidays. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), children are four times more likely to be involved in pedestrian accidents on Halloween than any other night of the year.

If you are monitoring children who are trick-or-treating in your neighborhood, make sure that you plan to take safe routes. Additionally, make sure that when you cross the street, you use all crosswalks, and if you are driving, make sure you operate your vehicle at a safe speed.

Additionally, the CDC says that you should:

  • Purchase or make Halloween costumes from flame-resistant materials.
  • Pick brightly colored costumes or add your own reflective tape so motorists can see your child.
  • Attach your child’s name, address and phone number somewhere inside his or her costume.
  • Teach your children to stay on the sidewalks and cross only at corners.
  • Teach your children to look, listen and be aware of cars not stopping at corners.

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Remember, pedestrian accidents can result in devastating injuries, like head wounds, spinal cord injuries or compound fractures, which often require expensive physical therapy and rehab.

Keep your children safe this Halloween and have an enjoyable time! You can also visit our Facebook page, LinkedIn pageGoogle+ page or Twitter page for more information about pedestrian accidents.

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KGG’s Corner: From 2003-12, 676,000 people suffered personal injuries in pedestrian accidents.

Source: http://www.charleston.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123276361

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