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4 Things No One Tells You About Divorce

Statistically, half of the married population will end their marriages, and many will go through it more than once. Despite how often divorce takes place, the average couple is unaware of both the process and its aftermath. Since knowledge equips participants, here are some things to know about divorce that likely no one has ever told you. 1. The divorce proceedings can be very long Sometimes the process is quick but in other cases, it can last a year or more. Division of major assets can slow down a divorce significantly. Whether you have a complicated or a simple case, the more you and your spouse can work out ahead of time, the faster the process will likely be. 2. The process can last far beyond the date the divorce decree is issued This is especially true if you have children, since you will potentially see your former spouse in…
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Is a Rear-End Collision Always the Following Driver’s Fault?

Two Drivers Arguing After Traffic Accident Crop Shot Of Crash.

Most drivers realize that a rear-end collision is frequently considered the fault of the driver following the one hit. Why? Because one of the basic safety rules of the road is to always leave sufficient space between your car and the vehicle in front of you to prevent crashes. The space drivers leave needs to take into account road conditions, time of day and other safety factors, as it takes vehicles longer to stop if roads are wet or icy, and noticing the actions of another car may take a bit longer if it is dark. The rule exists to ensure maximum safety on the roadways. The driver in front may need to stop suddenly to avoid a pedestrian, cyclist, another car, or an obstacle. The car may malfunction and come to an abrupt stop. If this or any other reason makes the car ahead stop abruptly, a motorist following…
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Your Sunroof Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Sunroofs are loved by an increasing number of car-driving Americans. Over the past 6 years, the number of cars equipped with sunroofs has risen to reach 40% of 2017 total sales, versus 33% of 2011 total sales. Sunroofs are also getting larger with each passing year. But sunroofs can also be dangerous. Closed sunroofs were responsible for 230 deaths each year between 2002 and 2012, according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data. Closed sunroofs injured 500 people annually in the same period. Being ejected from either an open or closed sunroof killed roughly 300 people each year between 1997 to 2008, and injured 1,400. Is Sunroof Regulation Needed? The number of accidents is as high as it is because, somewhat surprisingly, there is no safety regulation that mandates that sunroofs must be constructed to keep people inside the vehicle. That point was litigated in a case in which…
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Mediation vs. Arbitration in Family Law: What’s the Difference?

Photo of couple speaking

There is no doubt the divorce process can be emotionally, financially, and even physically draining. To minimize these effects, many families turn to alternative dispute resolution to work out an agreement. In family law, as in other types of civil law, mediation and arbitration can reduce litigation costs – and friction – in what can often be a contentious process. Here are some of the differences between the processes. ADR versus litigation in New Jersey family law cases Couples facing family law disputes typically need to resolve two major areas: division of finances and parenting time. Both topics are hot-button and the litigation process heightens the stress. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like mediation and arbitration offer parties the chance to resolve these areas outside of court. ADR is less formal that court proceedings and is overall less expensive. The parties can feel like more active participants since they are…
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How To Tell Children You’re Getting Divorced

How do you break the news to your children that it’s over between daddy and mommy? There’s no easy way to inform your kids that you and your spouse are getting a divorce. Even if the announcement isn’t a total surprise, every child is different in how they process – and respond—to this life-altering news. No matter how you frame it or cushion it, the conversation will likely be difficult, especially for younger ones. Oftentimes parents can overwhelm the child with too much information, without considering their emotional state. Family therapists agree that children who feel cared about and connected with their parents are less likely to experience negative fallout and trauma from the news. Here are a few recommended strategies that put the emotional-wellbeing of your child first. Before you tell the children Make sure your own emotions are fully in-check Work together with your soon-to-be ex and make…
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Divorce vs. Legal Separation: What Are the Financial Differences?

If you are headed for a breakup of your marriage, you may be deciding between divorce and legal separation. While there are complex issues involved in any dissolution of an emotional bond, you should not avoid considering the financial differences between divorce and legal separation. What Is Legal Separation? It’s important to understand the ramifications of legal separation before discussing the financial aspects. Legal separation refers to a legal agreement in which both parties in a marriage have resolved issues pertaining to living separately, such as alimony, child support, division of assets, and responsibility for debts. It is very important for New Jersey residents to realize, however, that legal separation as such does not exist in New Jersey. It does exist in many states, but in New Jersey there are no laws and no courts covering legal separation. But that does not mean that married couples cannot separate in NJ….
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The Stop Underrides Act Has Potential To Increase Truck Safety

big rig truck

Legislation was recently introduced in the United States Congress to mandate placement of underride guards on the front and side of trucks to prevent cars moving beneath trucks in the event of a collision between a truck and a car. Federal law currently requires the guards — which are often termed “underrides” in the industry— only for the back of trucks. Stopping Underride Crashes The congressional bill, called the Stop Underrides Act of 2017, has the potential to stop underride crashes, which are often fatal. During an underride crash, a car moves beneath the body of the truck, which sit considerable higher than most vehicles. Given the size of trucks such as semi- or tractor trailers, the car is often crushed by the weight of the truck. Drivers are passengers are often crushed or impaled in such accidents. The type and position of an underride crash can render standard car…
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6 Most Dangerous Roads in the Hudson Valley Region

Sometimes, the very qualities that makes our region desirable can also make it dangerous. The green and leafy communities north of New York City in the Hudson Valley region draw many people in to live and work. But the increase in traffic can cause dangerous driving conditions, congestion and accidents. The New York State Department of Transportation (DOT) reviews vehicle crashes across the state by looking at data every tenth of a mile and focusing on every area whose accident rate is higher than expected. This data is usually reviewed internally, with the goal of changing the infrastructure to make dangerous areas safer. Here are 6 of the most dangerous roads in the Hudson Valley region. #1: Interstate 684 in Putnam County This was the most dangerous road in the state, according to a 2015 article in The News Journal of lower Hudson River Valley. In one area, state authorities…
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3 Surprising Marriage and Divorce Trends

In everyday conversation, probably one of the most often-cited relationship statistics is that half of all marriages end in divorce. Not only is this statistic outdated, it falls far short of capturing the current picture of marriage in the United States. Changing demographics and cultural norms are both causing a shift in the way people approach marriage. Here are some surprising facts shown by recent statistics and studies. Marriage rates are declining – and so are divorces Marriage rates are at an all-time low, at least according to data going back to 1870. Marriage and divorce rates have historically been affected by current events, so for example, marriage numbers rose just before World War I and World War II, as people rushed to tie the knot before deployment. In turn, divorce numbers rose at the end of the wars when more couples were able to live together. However, the marriage…
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Best Motorcycle Day Trips in New Jersey

motorbike driving in the weekend

New Jersey is a great state for motorcycle day trips. Once away from the main highways, the natural beauty of the state can reveal itself. Here are three of our favorites for weekend get-aways. The D&R Canal, Central New Jersey The Delaware and Raritan Canal in central New Jersey runs for a long portion beside the canal, which is cool and green and shady on summer days. The D&R Canal was built to connect the Raritan and Delaware Rivers in the earlier part of the nineteenth century. Now, it’s a favorite destination for hikers and bikers. Do be aware that this runs part of the way on narrow rides, so use caution and yield the right-of-way. Take State Road 623 (Canal Road) in South Bound Brook to Weston Canal Road. Make a right onto Weston Canal Road. This continues along the canal. After this, the road will turn sharply to…
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