Labor and Employment Law Case Examples

Employment Lawyers Work To Protect Your Rights

Experienced employment attorneys at KGG have been helping employees exercise their rights for nearly four decades. Led by partners Randy J. Perlmutter and Gary S. Graifman, our legal staff will investigate your claim and gather the evidence necessary to negotiate a settlement or secure a judgment in court.

Over the years, we have worked with many clients – all of whom are as unique as the cases they bring us. These examples are indicative of the kind of work we do, but not intended to predict the outcome of any other cases.

Violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the New York Human Rights Law

KGG represented a disabled hospital employee who was refused a reasonable accommodation by his employer, and was ultimately wrongfully terminated. This action was in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the New York Human Rights Law. The employer claimed the employee was terminated for misconduct, but we asserted that his wrongful termination was done in retaliation for his request for accommodations the employer was obligated to provide under the relevant law.

This particular case was fiercely litigated, due to the fact that the court had several new legal questions to consider. After consideration of both side’s legal arguments by the court, the employee’s claims were allowed to stand, in spite of the hospital’s contention that they should be dismissed. The matter was sent to trial and just prior to the taking of testimony, the case was settled in favor of our client for a substantial sum of money.

Employee Subjected to a Hostile Working Environment

The employee, a nursing home care coordinator, was subject to repeated harassment and degradation by her supervisor over a period of several years constituting a hostile work environment. Her repeated complaints to the upper management and ownership of the company went mostly unheeded. After the supervisor was made aware that there were complaints about him, his harassing conduct not only continued, but escalated.

This was a case where KGG saw an opportunity to attempt to resolve the matter prior to litigation. The employer’s attorney quickly conceded that their client had liability and opened the door to settlement. After several intensive negotiation sessions, the matter was settled for a considerable amount of money. The case never saw the inside of the courtroom and was resolved within six months of KGG being retained.

Settlement for an Employee Who Experienced Age Discrimination

Our client was a sixty year old man and an experienced employee in the telecommunications industry. His employer, a national company, has a history of wanting a younger workforce. Apparently, the discrimination stemmed from their belief that older employees do not understand the progressive nature of the ever-changing telecommunications industry. This employee had a stellar resume and a proven track record of success.

For several years, he watched younger and less qualified employees obtain promotions that he was denied without reason, despite recommendations in his favor. KGG instituted suit and was soon thereafter approached with a substantial settlement offer, which our client felt compelled to accept. The matter settled within three months of KGG filing suit.

Employee Subjected to Sexual Harassment

In this case, our client was a medical technologist and the employee of a physician who was a partner in a radiological practice. Our client was repeatedly degraded and subjected to continuous sexual harassment by one of the partners involved in the practice. KGG filed an action and developed corroborating witness testimony from then-current and former employees of the practice, as well as the hospital. Ultimately, the case was settled and our client was awarded an amount in the mid-six figures.

Executive Secretary, Victim of Sexual Harassment, Receives Sizeable Settlement

Our employment attorneys represented a client who was the employee of a manufacturer of medical devices and equipment in northern New Jersey. The employee, an executive secretary with the company, was subjected to harassment in the form of an email that circulated throughout the office. This email included sexually explicit references and other derogatory material that referred to the employee. KGG filed suit and developed significant corroborating evidence as well as testimony in discovery. The result was a settlement in the mid-six figures for our client.

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