Estate Lawyers for Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives and Medicaid Planning

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At KGG, our skilled estate lawyers have significant experience with all aspects of elder law and estate planning. Every adult should consider creating a durable power of attorney in case he or she may become unable to handle his or her own financial affairs. Our attorneys can also explain your options for qualifying for Medicaid without wasting your assets.

Attorney Arnold Reiter, Esq. is of counsel to our firm. With his decades of experience, he is a valuable asset available to assist our clients in all areas of estate planning and administration.

Why Do I Need a Power of Attorney and a Living Will?

We have seen families torn apart by guardianship proceedings and end-of-life decisions. To avoid these problems, we can help you create documents which transfer the ability to handle your affairs to the people you trust in the event you are rendered unable to do so yourself. By coupling a power of attorney with a health care proxy and living will, you may well avoid guardianship issues before they arise.

Need a Durable Power of Attorney or Advance Directives?

If you ever become incapacitated by injury or illness and already have legal documents place to protect your interests and state your wishes, there should not be any need for guardianship proceedings. A person of your own choice will be empowered to deal with your assets, living arrangements and health care decisions in accordance with your wishes and instructions, relieving your family of uncertainty and ensuring your intentions are carried out.

Crucial elements of an estate plan include:

  • Advance health care directive to name a health care agent to make health care decisions if you are unable, and a living will to specify your end-of-life wishes to doctors and family.

Looking for Assistance with Elder Law and Estate Planning?

Take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your family today. Please call our offices in Rockland County, New York or Bergen County, New Jersey at (800) 711-5258 to schedule an appointment, or fill out our online contact form. Messages left after business hours are returned promptly. If you need to meet with us in the evening we are able to schedule accordingly.