Parental Alienation Syndrome: How Does This Affect a Child?

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Updating a blog post we brought you earlier this summer, actor Jason Patric won a legal battle recently as he was declared the legal parent of his son.

Patric, 48, who starred in the films The Lost Boys and Speed 2: Cruise Control, was involved in a custody battle over a child he conceived through a sperm donation.

The mother of the child was initially granted custody after she claimed that Patric wanted to keep his name off the child’s birth certificate. The mother, a former girlfriend, alleged that Patric wanted his name off the child’s birth certificate so that his birth would be shielded from the media.

The mother also alleged that Patric sent her a letter outing the fact that he was not ready for fatherhood. Following their separation, the mother made allegations of verbal, physical and emotional abuse (including anti-Semitic remarks) against Patric.

Meanwhile, Patric was battling the woman in court for custody and visitation, being ruled against each time, as the state of California has a Family Code involving sperm donors limiting the rights’ of biological fathers.

Patric also claimed that he was the victim of parental alienation, saying the allegations made by the mother were false and done in an attempt to dissuade his child from developing a relationship with him.

It should be noted that parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is a mental health syndrome that can influence a child’s ability to trust others, damaging his or her mental and emotional well-being.

TMZ reported earlier this month that a judge ruled that Patric was the child’s legal father, ordering the couple’s lawyers to work out an agreement about custody, visitation and support.

How Can I Contact the Family Lawyers at KGG about Child Custody?

As this case shows, issues involving child custody can be incredibly difficult to workout following a divorce or separation. It also shows how having effective legal counsel is tremendously important in any case.

Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in cases involving alleged parental alienation, as we take allegations very seriously. No father or mother deserves to be maligned in front of a child in an attempt to gain some type of advantage psychologically. This is not in the best interest of the child.

Talk to our lawyers if have been accused of parental alienation. Let our firm arrange your initial consultation. Call us today at (800) 711-5258.

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