Do Those Who Divorce Experience Less Stress?

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Is it harder for a person to separate from a spouse or go through a divorce? A new poll found surprising results. Photo of couple in divorce

According to the Huffington Post, a Gallup poll of more than 131,000 people found that “those who are separated experienced significantly more daily stress than those who were married or divorced.”

The poll found that 51 percent of separated Americans felt stress over their relationship status, while only 38.6 percent of married Americans and 44.1 percent of divorced Americans claimed to suffer anxiety.

The author of the study told the HuffPost that he believed that divorced people were feeling less stress than those who were separated because of feelings of uncertainty.

“At least when you get divorced, there’s closure,” Dan Witters, author of the Gallup study, said according to the HuffPost. “You can both move on with your lives, and you can start digging yourself out of that well-being hole that you found yourself in during the during the separation process.”

According to the HuffPost, separated women appear to be having the most stress over their relationship status, as they were more stressed than married women were by 16 percent.

The study also revealed that those who were separated were more likely to turn to drugs than those who were divorced or married.

How Can I Contact the Family Lawyers at KGG about a Divorce?

Many of our clients have gone through the divorce process have told us that the closure associated with a case helped alleviate stress in their lives.

This is not to say that divorce is not stressful—it can be incredibly upsetting for people to discuss issues like child custody or the division of marital assets; however, in many cases, once a divorce is finalized, people have an easier time moving forward.

Talk to our lawyers if you are thinking about divorcing your spouse. We will handle your case with kindness—our attorneys understand the difficulties associated with leaving a spouse.

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