Can a Divorce Help Me If My Spouse is Having an Affair?

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Divorce attorney

Often, our family lawyers run into clients experiencing severe emotional distress, who are seeking a divorce over an affair. Photo of couple in divorce

Infidelity is a common reason for a marriage to end. You should not subject yourself to a toxic relationship, where one spouse does not have the respect to come to you if he or she is seeing someone else. Additionally, we have had clients who have initiated affairs, who are afraid of the potential ramifications, including divorce.

If your spouse has had an affair or you are no longer in love with your partner, you need to confront the issue before things spiral out of control. This can be accomplished through therapy, counseling and legal action.

Whenever our clients come to us looking for productive answers about divorce following an affair, we offer important guidance. We help people by letting them know that:

  • They need to accept that a marriage may be over
  • Suggesting mental health options, including therapy
  • Allowing them to trust that we will do what is best for them legally
  • Providing them with guidance for long-term goals

One of the worst things you can do following the revelation of an affair is making your dirty laundry public. By over-sharing information in public spaces (outside of deep conversations), you can set yourself up for contention in pending divorce cases. This can include taking your story to social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

While we understand your desire to vent about your spouses’ affair, by airing your issues out in public, you only add toxicity to a divorce case. We suggest trusting the legal process, and finding therapy or assistance through people you can trust if you are struggling to deal emotionally with infidelity.

Recently, a former college teammate of Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray went on Twitter claiming that his wife was having an affair with the football player. According to the New York Post, Brennan Clay said he is in the process of filing for divorce from his wife Gina D’Agostini, who he has been married to for four months.

The news of the divorce became public after he posted a series of messages on Twitter about the alleged affair his wife had with Murray. He claimed in his messages that he found “inappropriate” text messages and that he lost respect for Murray, who he considered “the person who I looked up to the most as a running back and as a friend.”

Murray has not responded to the allegations.

How Can I Contact the Family Lawyers at KGG about a Divorce?

As this case allegedly shows, affairs can lead to traumatic emotional outbursts. However, you should not allow yourself to become the victim of anger or toxicity in a public arena. Instead, you should talk to professionals about your issues.

Our family lawyers work with clients by showing them the respect they deserve. We handle cases with compassion. We understand that the breakdown of a marriage can lead to tremendous stress, and we do our best to help clients.

We will handle your case with sympathy—our attorneys understand the difficulties associated with divorcing a spouse.

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