How Can I Seek a Child Custody Enforcement Order?

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Some of the most complicated and emotionally draining aspects of divorce are issues surrounding child custody. When parents do not agree on child custody, it can cause turmoil, which does not benefit the children. Conflict in a family 3

In an intense case that is generating media attention, actress Kelly Rutherford, best known from her role on Gossip Girl, is fighting her ex-husband over custody of their children.

Recently, Rutherford filed an emergency motion to gain custody before she had to return the the children to France. According to the Daily Mail, the motion will give a judge leeway to determine whether the children should be returned to France to live with her ex-husband Daniel Griesch.

The pair has a seven-year-old son and a five-year-old daughter. Griesch has reportedly has visa problems and cannot fly to the U.S. to visit the children. The legal battle between the former couple has dragged on for more than four years, with Rutherford having filed for bankruptcy to discharge legal fees associated with her custody battle.

Rutherford has joint custody of the children, but they live and go to school in France. Griesch reportedly lied to secure a visa to get into the U.S., which is why he can no longer enter the country.

How Can an Attorney Help Me with Child Custody Issues?

It should be noted, if one parent is failing to live up to their custody obligations, it might be necessary to seek a contempt or enforcement order. Keep in mind, it is unacceptable for a parent to disobey orders of the court, particularly when involving children. This is why Rutherford is struggling with the possibility of sending her children away.

If you are having issues with your ex surrounding custody, do not disobey your current orders. Contact our attorneys immediately so we can help resolve your situation in a timely and legal matter.

Talk to our family lawyers if you are contemplating a divorce and have questions about custody. Our attorneys have almost four decades of experience in family law negotiations, and we will help you move forward with your children’s best interests in mind.

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