Are You Experiencing Spousal or Child Support Issues?

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If you do not receive quality legal counsel during your divorce, you could end up paying an enormous sum in terms of spousal and/or child support payments. divorce

Both of these issues can be difficult to hash out during divorce proceedings, so it is important that you work with an attorney who has your interests in mind. Remember, while you may have a quality source of income now, changes in your life could result in you paying too much or receiving too little spousal support and the same goes for child support. These changes could include job loss, medical issues and/or remarriage.

Recently, TMZ reported that actor Terrance Howard, best known for his Academy Award nominated role in the file Hustle & Flow, has been experiencing issues with his former spouse over finances.

According to the news outlet, Howard is claiming that his second wife Michelle blackmailed him into signing divorce settlement paperwork, and that he now owes her $325,000 in spousal support.

The pair was married for two years, and Michelle claims that Howard has missed 49 spousal support payments since their divorce was made official. Strangely, for his part, Howard has argued that his fist wife, Lori McMasters, handles his finances, as they have been earmarked to pay her for spousal and child support.

Howard claims that all of his money goes directly to McMasters, and that she writes him a check each month, allegedly for $5,878 to live off.

What Should I Do If I am Experiencing Support Issues with My Ex?

If a person feels like his or her child support and/or spousal payments are too high, he or she can speak with our attorneys to see whether modifications can be made. Additionally, if you feel like you are not receiving adequate payments, we can work on your behalf to seek a post-divorce modification.

Talk to our child and spousal support lawyers if you are experiencing issues over payments. Our attorneys have almost four decades of experience in family law negotiations—let our firm arrange your initial consultation.

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