Choosing the Right Motorcycle for You

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motorbike driving in the weekendWhether you are buying your first or your fiftieth motorcycle, choosing the right bike for you will require you to balance emotion and logic. Your heart might push you toward a sporty Italian speed machine, while your brain argues for a more comfortable long-distance cruiser. Ultimately, your best choice will be the bike that matches your skills and abilities and that coincides with the kind of riding you expect to do.

These guidelines will help you to choose the right bike out of the many different styles of motorcycles that are now available.

First, Make an Honest Assessment of Your Riding Abilities

Motorcycle riding is safest and most rewarding when you respect your machine and your ability to control it. If you are new to riding, for example, you will likely have a better riding experience if you stay away from sport bikes that have short wheelbases and faster acceleration capabilities. After you have built up your riding skills, you can shift your choices toward a bike with a higher power-to-weight ratio.

Think About How You Will Use Your Bike

Street bikes that are designed for short rides around town will have a different configuration than cruisers that are meant for long weekend rides in the country. A smaller commuter motorcycle might be better for crowded urban environments that have more limited parking. Off-road and trail bikes have higher centers of gravity and more upright riding positions. You can best reduce your fatigue and improve the safety of your riding experiences if you choose a motorcycle that keeps you in a comfortable riding position for the type of riding that you will do.

Do Not Neglect Cost Considerations

The up-front cost of the bike is only one element in your cost of owning it. Call your insurer to get a quote for motorcycle insurance for the type of bike you are considering. Research maintenance and repair costs, particularly if you are buying a used bike. You can quickly sour on riding your motorcycle and you might even compromise your own safety if you spend your entire budget on purchase costs and you neglect regular maintenance.

Talk to Other Riders

Motorcycle riders are a tight community of people who enjoy riding together, sharing experiences, and bringing new riders into their fold. Take advantage of the experiences of other riders, who often give the best advice on the right motorcycle for you.

Know the Laws of Your Own State and the States Where You Will Ride

Different states have different laws, rules, and regulations on matters such as helmet requirements and lane splitting. Those laws may well affect your choice of motorcycle, as well as how and where you will ride your bike.  Riding a motorcycle outside of the boundaries established by applicable laws can come back to haunt you if you are in an accident on your bike.

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Need a motorcycle accident lawyer Bergen County NJ relies on to fight for the rights of bikers and their families? The attorneys at Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman have represented scores of motorcycle riders who have had accidents throughout New Jersey and New York. From our many years of experience, we believe that choosing the right motorcycle is a key to minimizing riding risks and to deriving the maximum enjoyment from your bike.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents do happen, often times because an inattentive motorist failed to see a motorcycle in traffic. If you are in a riding accident, contact us today. All initial consultations are free, and we charge no fees unless we win money for you.

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