Best Motorcycle Day Trips in New Jersey

motorbike driving in the weekend

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motorbike driving in the weekendNew Jersey is a great state for motorcycle day trips. Once away from the main highways, the natural beauty of the state can reveal itself. Here are three of our favorites for weekend get-aways.

The D&R Canal, Central New Jersey

The Delaware and Raritan Canal in central New Jersey runs for a long portion beside the canal, which is cool and green and shady on summer days. The D&R Canal was built to connect the Raritan and Delaware Rivers in the earlier part of the nineteenth century. Now, it’s a favorite destination for hikers and bikers.

Do be aware that this runs part of the way on narrow rides, so use caution and yield the right-of-way.

Take State Road 623 (Canal Road) in South Bound Brook to Weston Canal Road. Make a right onto Weston Canal Road. This continues along the canal.

After this, the road will turn sharply to the right and leave the canal. Stay on the road to the next right, which is Metlars Road. Make a right onto Metlers and follow Metlers to Amwell Road. Make a right onto  Amwell Road. Follow it just a bit until you see the firehouse on the right.

Make a left turn across from the firehouse onto Market Street. Take Market Street to the end and make a right turn on Canal Road. Then you’re on the home stretch. Follow Canal Road to Griggstown and make a right onto State Road 632.

Take 632 over the river and make a right onto River Road. Follow River Road to Amwell Road and make a right onto Amwell Road. Take Amwell Road to Elizabeth Avenue and make a left turn onto Elizabeth AVenue. Follow it to the end. You will have reached the same point you started at in South Bound Brook.

Skyline Drive, Northern New Jersey

Skyline Drive is a beautifully scenic wooded mountain road. From 287 Skyline Drive in Oakland to 8 Germantown Road in West Milford is a 22-mile loop through the green heart of it. Twists and turns, but very safe.

Lambertville/New Hope, PA

Lambertville, NJ and New Hope, PA are sister cities across the Delaware River from each other. New Hope has been an artistic get-away for decades; Lambertville has been one for about 15 years. Both have plenty to do in terms of galleries and music and are at the end of a scenic ride as well.

One route from norther New Jersey is Route 278 from Oakland. After crossing I-78, take U.S. Route 202 south to New Jersey State Route 12 and County Route 523. Route 523 is very scenic and will lead you to State Route 29, which will lead you straight to Lambertville. From Lambertville, you can cross the road into New Hope.

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