Should I Look For Work Following My Divorce?

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If you are planning to rely on spousal support or alimony following your divorce to get by, you may want to think again. Photo of business in divorce

In many states, a person must make an effort to become independent or self-sufficient to obtain or continue support, regardless of the size of his or her former spouses’ income.

Keep in mind, in most divorce cases, alimony is only intended to help a spouse pay for basic living expenses and amounts awarded can always change if a party asks for a post-divorce modification.

If you receive limited duration alimony, be aware that this has a set expiration date. In addition, rehabilitative alimony is only intended to help a former spouse become self-sufficient through securing an education or job skills—again, this type of support has dates and guidelines that can cause it to end.

Recently, Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood’s ex-wife returned to work as a news anchor in California, following her 2012 divorce from the actor. Clint reportedly asked a court to honor a prenuptial agreement the couple made, preventing his ex-wife from receiving spousal support.

Many people in the media speculate that Eastwood’s ex-wife returned to work, because she knew that she could not rely on the court to award her spousal support and that efforts made to become self-supporting may help her case to receive some type of payment.

How Can I Speak to an Attorney about Spousal Support?

If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, call our attorneys immediately. We can help you safeguard your interests. Our knowledgeable attorneys will give you the facts you need to understand your financial responsibilities throughout the divorce process.

Remember, a substantial change in a person’s lifestyle could result in him or her paying too much or too little in spousal support. Call us today so that we may review your case.

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