How Can I Spend More Time With My Kids Following a Divorce?

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Family Law Attorney

With kids beginning summer vacation soon, it should be noted that any child custody and visitation order should specifically plan for and include summer weeks off school. divorce

As kids have more free time and flexibility over the summer, it can have a beneficial impact on visitation schedules, particularly for a non-custodial parent who may not have longer periods of time with a child during the school year. Even if you have a set schedule, parents may amicably  agree to create a longer time period or vacation with children during the summer.

If you already have a set summer visitation schedule, you should notify your former spouse if you have any vacations planned or items that may interfere with such schedule as soon as possible to avoid disputes down the road.

Sometimes, disagreements can come up between former spouses over vacation plans, which cannot be resolved through open communication. When this occurs, you should speak to an attorney or seek mediation to resolve your dispute. Often, having a third party help you with this process results in less headache and it makes it easier to resolve future scheduling issues that may arise.

If you do not have a summer vacation agreement in place with your former spouse, it may be in your best interest to take precautionary steps to agree upon one or through the court to avoid restrictions. Remember that many custody agreements have restrictions on travel with a child without permission or notice to the other parent. Keep this in mind when you are making any summer plans and speak to an attorney if you have any question about out-of-state travel or international travel with a child.

How Do I Modify a Child Custody or Visitation Schedule?

Child custody is one of the most complicated issues in family law, as both parents often have the best intentions when it comes to their children. Often, this can come to a head in the summer months when a parent wants to spend additional time with a child.

You should work with an attorney who can moderate a mutually-beneficial arrangement with your child’s best interests in mind.

Seek a post-divorce modification of child custody and visitation schedules if necessary. Let our attorneys handle your divorce case and protect your interests. Call us today if you are thinking about modifying your child custody or visitation agreement.

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