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Make sure you avoid dragging your dirty laundry into the public arena through avenues like social media. Remember, any information you post online could potentially be used against you in a divorce case. The last thing you want to do is alienate your spouse, or friends and family members by sharing too much information.

Recently, the Daily Mirror and the Washington Post reported that Facebook is now cited in about one third of all divorce cases in the United Kingdom.

“Social media provides an ongoing log of our lives,” a family lawyer in the UK told the newspapers. “The sharing of written posts and pictures, often with geo-tagging, provides a record of activities that can be used in a court case.”

Keep this in mind if your marriage is experiencing issues with infidelity or stress. The things you make public on social media sites can provide a detailed timeline of events or evidence against you. They can also upset the person you may end up battling in court, so worsening the situation through social media attacks is ill advised.

In fact, we often tell people who are going through the divorce process to avoid updating their social media profiles until the process has been finalized.

In an example of conflict, last fall, we reported about a Dallas Cowboys football player who was accused of having an affair with a former college teammate’s wife. The man took his claims public online and it resulted in a messy divorce case, as many major media outlets picked up on it.

Should I Speak to an Attorney About a Divorce?

Divorce is a very emotional process. If you feel like lashing out on social media, maybe you should seek help through counseling or therapy. Additionally, if you are having an affair, rather than inadvertently making your experiences public, speak to someone about your actions.

Our attorneys are here to help you though the legal process, and while we provide this service with compassion, it is not uncommon for a person to need extra support.

Remember, you should not allow yourself to vent anger in public. Talk to professionals about your issues. Speak to our attorneys if you are thinking about divorcing your spouse. We will handle your case with attention to detail and understanding.

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KGG’s Corner: A study in the journal Computers in Human Behavior found that heavy Facebook use plays a significant role in marital dissatisfaction.


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