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Why is January known as the ‘Divorce Month’? CNN recently had an interesting story about how divorce inquiries tend to increase over the month, which is why it has gained its nickname. Photo of couple in divorce

According to the news outlet, between 2008 and 2011, a rise in the number of divorces filed occurred each January, followed by a gradual increase in February before a peak in March.

Additionally, “January’s more accurate description would be ‘I’m Starting to Research My Options Month,’” CNN reported.

According to the station, analysts discovered that online searches for phrases like “divorce”, “family law” and “child custody” also increase during January, over the previous month (in some cases by as much as 50 percent), and continue to do so until reaching a peak in March.

Do Holidays Play a Part in Divorce?

So, why do divorce inquiries and actions start to increase in January? CNN reported that many experts think timing has something to do with it.

Some experts told the network that people seeking litigation often decide mentally to move forward with an action before the winter holidays, but do not want to be perceived as heartless. Therefore, they wait until after Christmas and New Year’s before seeking out a divorce.

Additionally, some experts think Valentine’s Day (in February) places undue stress on relationships, which may help divorce inquiry trends continue through the spring.

It should also be noted that financial issues might contribute to divorce proceedings through the spring, as economic complications are a common reason for the deterioration of relationships.

Remember, April includes the IRS tax filing deadline, which could potentially lead to conflict if a couple is in a rocky financial position. Could this be why there seems to be a divorce inquiry peak in March (prior to the April deadline)? It is an interesting question.

Should I Speak to an Attorney About Getting a Divorce?

Again, divorce is something that needs to be taken very seriously. It is not something that you should consider simply because you may have had a bad couple of months financially or emotionally. If you have contemplated a divorce for a while and are ready to move forward, speak to our family law attorneys.

Our lawyers can help you with complex issues such as child custody or the division of marital assets. If you are experiencing issues with your marriage, let our firm arrange your initial consultation.

Talk to our lawyers if you are thinking about divorcing your spouse. We will handle your case with thoughtfulness.

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KGG’s Corner: A Gallup poll last year found that people who were divorced experienced less daily anxiety than people who are married or separated.


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