4 Signs You Are Ready for Divorce

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Family Law Attorney

Woman divorcing and taking off wedding band

Divorce is not a decision to be taken lightly. Much like getting married, divorce alters many aspects of your life, so it is normal to not know whether you should go through with it.

Even if you think you are sure, it can be helpful to discuss the decision with trusted people in your life and make sure you have considered every angle. These are some of the signs that may indicate divorce could be the right move for you.

Ready to move on?

The signs that a marriage is no longer beneficial come in many forms. These are some guideposts that lead people to file for divorce in New York or New Jersey.

  • Lack of emotional understanding – One of the strongest benefits of a marriage is the emotional support that a spouse can provide through life’s ups and downs. When empathy has evaporated, the emotional benefits may have gone with it.
  • Detachment from shared life – A divorce can be a separation from more than just your spouse. It often includes leaving parts of your shared life, like the friends who may end up choosing sides. If you have already detached from those parts of your marital life, you may be ready to break the tie holding you to them.
  • You have taken time to think about it – People under stress, understandably, often want to end the discomfort as quickly as possible. It is natural but misguided to believe that the quicker you get through a divorce, the quicker you can move on. But in reality, heat-of-the-moment decisions and actions can be counterproductive and lead the process to drag on. If you have taken the time to make a decision that is not guided primarily by emotions, you may be ready to embark on a marital separation or divorce.
  • Deterioration of trust – For many individuals, the point of no turning back is when there is no more trust in the relationship. Is your spouse deceptive about money? Acting defensive about personal issues? Keeping you at arm’s length? Becoming increasingly controlling? There may be a breakdown of the trust needed for a healthy marriage.

Take the next step with a divorce lawyer

No one enters a marriage planning for it to end in divorce. If your marriage is beyond repair, discuss your options with a New Jersey or New York divorce lawyer.

Even before filing, there are strategic decisions that you will need to make. For example, filing a petition for divorce will trigger certain automatic court orders, like an order prohibiting either party from hiding or removing personal property from the home or money from bank accounts. An experienced lawyer will help you determine what prep work you need to do before these orders go into effect, and even decide which court has jurisdiction over the case.

Speak with an understanding attorney at Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman to make a practical plan for your future. Our attorneys proudly serve clients throughout Rockland County and Bergen County. Call today to schedule a confidential consultation.

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