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According to CBS New York, an Orthodox Jewish woman has launched a social media campaign to help her obtain a ‘get’ from her husband. divorce

The network reported that Rivky Stein has created a Facebook page in which she accuses her husband of emotional and physical abuse, including raping and beating her while she was pregnant.

Stein’s husband, Yoel Weiss, denies the allegations. “No charges were ever brought, and it’s fabricated all to just make a little media attention,” Weiss, 31, told CBS.

Weiss told the station that Stein rejected an offer two years ago for a “get” or a Jewish divorce, and that she is attempting to go after his money.

According to CBS, Stein’s social media pages have gained a lot of attention in the Jewish community. Her pages claim that she is nearly destitute and is facing eviction from her home.

The couple reportedly has two children together and never formally obtained a civil marriage license, instead they used a Jewish marriage contract called a “ketubah”, which may be recognized by family courts.

Without a “get”, a woman is considered married according to classical Jewish law, even if a court has secularly dissolved the marriage.  Under Jewish law, a women who does not receive a “get” cannot re-marry.

How Can I Get Divorced without a “Get”?

In cases involving Orthodox Jews, the “get” often becomes a center of contention. Unethical husbands often use the “get” as a tool to extort money or other concessions from their wives in exchange for a “get”.

When you add issues like finances, child custody, the division of marital assets and/or alimony, it may become overwhelming for some. If you have concerns about the religious aspects of your divorce, you should talk to our family lawyers.

In New York, DRL §253 requires a plaintiff to remove barriers to remarriage prior to the issuance of a judgment of divorce.  But DRL §236 permits a court to consider the imposition of barriers to remarriage when determining equitable distribution and maintenance.  While this creates issues in Jewish law, the statute is designed to coerce a “get” from a defendant husband.

In cases where a woman is struggling to get a divorce, we have been able to design economic measures that entice an obstinate husband to be more progressive. We are also well versed in practicing before Beth Din, rabbinic courts.

Our lawyers have almost four decades of experience handling heated divorce cases—let our firm arrange your initial consultation. We have seen many cases successfully resolved involving spouses who were reluctant to seek a divorce for a variety of reasons including religion.

Let our attorneys help you. Our family law offices in New York or New Jersey can be reached through our online contact form.

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