Are Construction Accidents Common in the NY-NJ Metro Area?

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Construction Accidents

Unfortunately, every year hundreds of workers are injured in construction accidents in New York and New Jersey. Recent statistics for the Empire State show that the number of construction accidents in New York City increased by 31 percent over the last two years. scaffolding-accident

Because the areas surrounding New York and New Jersey are heavily populated, construction accidents are more common than they are in other areas.

Sadly, on August 20, a construction worker was injured in an accident on the Upper East Side, after equipment fell on him where Second Avenue subway construction is taking place.

The victim reportedly suffered a severe leg injury and was taken to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornell Medical Center. He was conscious at the time he was transported for treatment.

Should I Talk to an Attorney If I Am Injured in a Construction Accident?

Keep in mind, aside from deaths, many construction accidents result in serious injuries like broken bones, spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

Our attorneys hold contractors and property owners accountable when oversights at a workplace lead to an employee’s injuries or death. Since 1975, our firm has successfully represented many workers hurt in construction mishaps in the Rockland and Bergen County area.

These cases include workers injured in scaffolding accidents, fires, explosions, crane accidents, forklift accidents and those who have been injured by violent co-workers.

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KGG’s Corner: New York Labor Law 240 protects workers who are injured in scaffolding accidents.


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