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Whenever you encounter a work or construction zone on a highway, you should proceed with caution. Each year, hundreds of workers are killed in work zone accidents—with most of the accidents being avoidable. car-accidents

If you encounter a work zone, you should always follow posted speed limits—keep in mind, the failure to do so could result in increased fines and penalties. Additionally, you should give your vehicle plenty of space to make unexpected stops and avoid sudden lane changes.

Remember, you should never use the shoulder of the highway to pass other vehicles. In many instances, construction workers are working in shoulder areas and this can result in fatal accidents.

Sadly, on August 27, a construction worker from North Bergen died in a crash on the Garden State Parkway in Aberdeen. According to WABC-TV, the victim was identified as Cesar Desouza-Caetano.

According to the network, an SUV hit two construction workers in the northbound lane of the highway at about 1:20 a.m. The other worker involved in the crash, 60-year-old William Heise, of Rockaway, was transported to the hospital for injury treatment.

A preliminary investigation showed that 21-year-old Marc Senatore, of Nutley, crossed over the center lane and into an area marked by construction cones, hitting several pieces of equipment that struck the workers.

The crash remains under investigation and charges are pending.

Can I File a Lawsuit If My Loved One Is Killed in a Car Accident?

Aside from death, accidents in construction zones often result in serious personal injuries like spinal cord injuries, brain injuries and broken bones.

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Drivers who are responsible for devastating vehicle accidents must be held liable. This can be achieved through a lawsuit, which can help pay for injury treatment or burial costs, along with pain and suffering.

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KGG’s Corner: Sixty-seven percent of work zone injuries are the result of a pedestrian worker being struck by a vehicle.


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