Mazda and Nissan Recall Thousands of Vehicles

According to CNN, Mazda and Nissan have announced the separate recalls of nearly 260,000 cars over potential safety issues.

Mazda said that doors on up to 8,000 Mazda 6 sedans, model years 2009 through 2013, could open while the cars are in motion. The company said that the issue has to do with door latching screws malfunctioning. The company said that dealers could provide a thread-locking adhesive to the doors, replace any missing screws and tighten them on doors.

Nissan said that two of its Infiniti model cars could potentially stall while in motion. The M35 and M45 models years 2006 through 2010, including at least 161,000 vehicles, have accelerator pedal sensors that deteriorate. The sensor reportedly sends faulty signals to the engine, which can cause it to stall when it is stopped or idling.

This is not the first recall of Infiniti cars for stalling issues—some models from 2005 and 2006 were recalled for similar issues.

Both automakers said they would notify customers about the recalls this fall. Neither reported injuries, but we know that not all injuries from car accidents caused by defective products end up being reported.

Defective auto parts that lead to recalls can cause catastrophic injuries and death. Think about how dangerous a door unexpectedly opening would be for a passenger or driver in motion.

Automakers and auto part manufacturers must be held liable when their defective products injure or kill people. This can be done through a class action lawsuit, allowing all consumers who have been affected to receive compensation.

We take auto part defects very seriously. Our lawyers are currently investigating possible defects in Honda Pilot and Honda Ridgeline radiators for cracking and/or corrosion. We are also involved in a class action lawsuit over a potential defect in the rear brakes of the Hyundai Santa Fe, model years 2006 to present.

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