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A class action is a representative lawsuit in which one or many individuals who sustained damages in similar situations sue on behalf of themselves and all others who have been injured by the acts of the defendant(s) which are complained of in the suit. The benefit of bringing a class action is that when damages suffered by one individual or a group are too small to sue individually, acting on behalf of all others similarly situated may allow them to sue for an aggregate amount which makes the suit financially practical.
Kantrowitz Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C., specializes in bringing class actions on behalf of investors. Class actions we commence are brought on a contingency basis.

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We maintain an active class action litigation practice headed by firm partner, Mr. Gary S. Graifman. He is an accomplished class action lawyer for securities and consumer fraud, and he has spent decades working in this area. He focuses his legal practice on national class action lawsuits and will fight to protect you as a citizen and a consumer. He works closely with clients across the nation injured by a consumer product or pharmaceutical wrongs.

What is a Consumer Fraud Class Action Lawsuit?

When a consumer of a product or service has been defrauded by a misrepresentation, then one defrauded consumer may commence a consumer fraud class action lawsuit on behalf of all other consumers who were subjected to the fraud. The person who filed the lawsuit acts on behalf of himself and as a representative for the class of similarly situated consumers.

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