Goldman Sachs Discrimination Lawsuit Seeks Class Action Status

According to Reuters, two former female employees of Goldman Sachs Group Inc have filed a lawsuit against the bank for gender discrimination and are seeking class action status for the case. sexual-harassment

The news source reported that if class action status is granted, the former employees would be able to move forward with the case on behalf of all female associates and vice-presidents in the company’s investment bank, investment management and securities divisions.

Cristina Chen-Oster, a former vice-president and Shanna Orlich, a former associate, filed the lawsuit. It accuses the bank of fostering a “boys club” atmosphere, where employees were urged to binge drink and meetings were held at strip clubs.

It also accuses Goldman Sachs of routinely paying female employees up to 21 percent less than their male counterparts. Additionally, it says that women were promoted more slowly than men were.

In addition, Chen-Oster claims that she was sexually assaulted by a male co-worker at a staff dinner in 1997 and discouraged from reporting it to the company’s human resources department.

How Do I File an Employment Class Action Lawsuit?

Allegations of sexual discrimination and/or sexual harassment should be taken very seriously. There are both federal and state laws that make these practices illegal. Our attorneys can advise you in employment law matters, including discrimination, sexual harassment and disputes over employment agreements.

Additionally, our commercial litigation attorneys are well versed in class action lawsuits, which have proven to be effective in wage and overtime disputes, as well as harassment cases against inattentive employers.

If you have an interest in speaking with an attorney about employment matters or class action litigation, please contact Gary S. Graifman, Esq. to schedule a free initial consultation or complete the form on this page.

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