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Employment lawyers review employment contracts including non compete agreements, termination agreements & severance payOur employment law attorneys protect the rights of the business, as well as its employees. Your company can benefit from our comprehensive command of contract law and our proven skills in and out of court. We pride ourselves on our unfaltering commitment to our clients throughout the legal process. Our employment attorneys are dedicated to our clients and are accessible to you to answer questions as they arise about your employment contracts.

Creating Employee Handbooks

Our law firm can assist your business operation with design, composition and distribution of employee handbooks, which include internal complaint procedures that communicate goals, policies and procedures to your employees. The creation and implementation of an informative, binding employment manual can serve to avoid or quickly resolve contentious employment law disputes such as those centering on discrimination and sexual harassment.

What are Typical Provisions of Employment Agreements? What Should Be There?

Once you have a basic employee handbook in place, let the skills of the KGG employment lawyers create or review employment agreements that you can be confident in to protect you, your company and your employees alike. As your lawyers, our KGG employment law department will draft, review, interpret, analyze, negotiate and litigate in either the prosecution or defense of your employment contract.

Common provisions of employment contracts include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-Compete Agreements: Usually limited to a specific geographic area and time period, a non compete agreement protects you from having your employees poached by a rival company or from starting a company which will compete with you. We can help you write an enforceable agreement, or defend one if necessary. In order to adequately protect you and your company, it is important for this type of agreement to be specific and clear.
  • Confidentiality Agreements: Protect your company’s proprietary information, including your business procedures, plans, client lists and pricing agreements with suppliers. Generally, this will extend beyond the employment period and protect the employer after the employee no longer works for their company.
  • Termination Agreements and Severance Agreements: This is a standard clause which explains when/how employment can be terminated by either party without constituting a breach of the employment contract. This clause also lines out the terms for receiving severance pay if applicable.

After Termination: Is an Employee Bound by a Non Compete Agreement?

What happens after an employee is terminated? Is a non-compete agreement legal and enforceable? It depends on how it is worded. The law firm of Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C., has nearly four decades of extensive experience in the areas of review and preparation of severance agreements (including severance pay), employment agreements and litigation of restrictive covenants. KGG lawyers are versatile; we have written enough employment contracts to be able to review, negotiate or litigate on either side of such an agreement. We are also well versed in dealing with issues relating to the breach of employment contracts by either party.

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