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Lyft Accident Lawyer Rockland County, NY

As a Rockland County, NY Lyft accident lawyer knows, there are certain steps you should take after you have been in any kind of car accident, but especially a Lyft accident. This can be a confusing, difficult situation as you are likely concerned about your injuries and who may be liable for the accident. It is important to speak with your lawyer as soon as possible after the accident has occurred to determine what steps you should take if you want to file a personal injury claim. When you are ready to move forward with a legal claim, contact the office of Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.

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Call the Police to the Scene

When you have been in an accident, you may be hesitant to call the police, especially if you think that the accident is small. It is understandable that you would not want to involve the police if you think that it is an overreaction, however, it is also difficult to tell immediately following an accident how serious it is. When a person is injured in a car accident, the adrenaline can mask the severity of the injuries. Calling the police to the scene can help to get an accurate view of what happened and help determine whether your Lyft driver–or the other vehicle’s driver–was responsible for the accident. 

Getting Medical Care

Whether you were in a Lyft accident or a normal car accident, you will want to get medical attention to ensure that your injuries are not serious. You will need a doctor to document your injuries so that you can ask for an accurate amount of compensation when you file a claim with your Rockland County Lyft accident lawyer. Your physician will be able to run accurate tests, diagnose your injuries, and provide you with the proper treatment.

Know How to Talk With Insurance 

Ideally, your lawyer would be the one who speaks with insurance for your settlement, not you. It can be difficult to navigate insurance since New York is a “no-fault state”. This means that, unlike many other states, you would be filing a claim with your insurance instead of going through the other party’s insurance. However, Lyft has rules that apply to accidents if the driver had their app turned on and was actively driving you around at the time of the accident. It is possible to get a settlement through their insurance so it is crucial that you speak with your lawyer about what steps to take so that you can successfully file a claim. 

Why work with a lawyer? 

You may wonder why you cannot simply handle this kind of case on your own. Unlike other car accidents, things can become complicated quickly when you are involved in a Lyft accident. Retaining the services of a lawyer who specializes in Lyft car accidents can be highly beneficial to your case. When you are ready to file a claim after you were injured in a Lyft accident, call the lawyers you can trust at Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C. Set up your consultation with our Rockland County Lyft accident lawyer now. 

What Else Should I Know About Lyft Accident Cases?

Filing a Lyft accident case involves specific considerations that distinguish it from a typical car accident claim, which is why it’s important to work with an experienced Rockland County, NY Lyft accident lawyer in your area. As Lyft is a prominent rideshare service, understanding the unique elements involved in pursuing a Lyft accident case is crucial. Your lawyer will help you and guide your through these differences, but for now we’ve listed some of the most notable elements you should be aware of with Lyft accident cases. 

Lyft’s Insurance Coverage

One unique element of Lyft accident cases is the insurance coverage provided by Lyft. Lyft maintains a contingent liability insurance policy that covers accidents involving Lyft drivers when they are engaged in providing services through the platform. This coverage applies when the driver is en route to pick up a passenger or during an active ride. Understanding the extent of Lyft’s insurance coverage and how it may come into play is essential when pursuing a claim for compensation.

Driver Status and Activity

Another important element to consider in a Lyft accident case is the driver’s status and activity at the time of the accident. Lyft drivers can be classified into different periods: offline, online but awaiting a ride request, and actively transporting a passenger. The driver’s status at the time of the accident determines the applicable insurance coverage and may impact Lyft’s liability. Establishing the driver’s status and activity during the accident is crucial for accurately determining the legal and insurance considerations.

Electronic Evidence and Data

Lyft accident cases often involve the use of technology and electronic evidence. Lyft maintains detailed records of driver activity, including trip logs, timestamps, and GPS data. This electronic evidence can be valuable in establishing the driver’s actions leading up to the accident and determining liability. Additionally, gathering evidence from the involved parties’ smartphones, such as call records or text messages, may provide relevant information about the circumstances surrounding the accident. Understanding how to access and utilize this electronic evidence is vital in building a strong case.

Coordination with Multiple Insurance Policies

When filing a Lyft accident case, there may be multiple insurance policies involved. This can include the driver’s personal auto insurance, Lyft’s contingent liability insurance, and potentially the insurance policies of other involved parties. Coordinating and navigating these insurance policies can be complex, requiring a thorough understanding of the applicable coverage and the interplay between different insurance companies. Skilled Rockland County Lyft accident lawyers can help ensure all relevant insurance policies are pursued for maximum compensation.

Comparative Fault Considerations

Comparative fault is an important element to consider in Lyft accident cases. Comparative fault means that multiple parties involved in an accident may share a degree of responsibility. In some jurisdictions, including California where Lyft is headquartered, comparative fault rules apply. This means that even if a Lyft driver is partially at fault for the accident, the injured party may still be eligible for compensation. However, the amount of compensation may be reduced in proportion to the degree of fault assigned to the injured party. Understanding the comparative fault rules in your jurisdiction is important when filing a Lyft accident case.

When you’re ready to hire a passionate Rockland County Lyft accident lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C. today. We take every consultation seriously and will critically evaluate your case with precision and care.