Divorce and Family Law Case Results

Divorce Lawyers Offer Examples of Success

The team of divorce attorneys at KGG are experienced in all aspects of matrimonial law. We have been helping families work out complex and emotional legal issues for nearly four decades. Founding partner Paul Goldhamer leads our family law team, overseeing all cases to be sure each of our clients receives high-quality representation. Paul and the KGG team have a reputation for success you can count on.

Over the years, we have worked with many clients whose situations were all unique, and each required individual attention. These examples are indicative of the kind of work we do, but not intended to predict the outcome of any other cases.

Successful Reversal of Prior Order for Joint Custody and Spousal Support

KGG successfully represented a mother of two, overturning a prior joint custody order and direction ordering our client to pay $4,600.00 per month in support of her former husband. We secured the divorce, along with sole custody of the 12 and 14-year-old children for our client. In addition to that, KGG secured a $10,000/yr. child support in favor of the mother. The husband claimed that his former wife’s master’s degree was worth $1.2M and sought 50 percent. The court adopted KGG’s position that degree was worth $500,000 and awarded the husband only 20 percent.

Divorce Involving Three Children and Profitable Businesses Ends Well for Client

KGG’s client obtained a divorce against his wife and retained principal residential custody of his three children aged 8, 11 and 16. During litigation, the wife closed her successful business to avoid equitable distribution while attempting to receive equitable distribution from her husband’s business. KGG successfully prevented this ploy. The wife made a claim of 50 percent of $1.8 million in out of state property, which was a corporation jointly owned by both parties and acquired during the marriage. KGG limited the settlement to $250,000. The husband was allowed to stay in the marital residence with the children and no alimony was granted to his former wife.

KGG Helped Our Client Get Sole Custody of His Children

Our client was the father of two children, of whom he had joint custody. The children, 8 & 10 years old, refused to visit the father and demonized him to the court. The court found the conduct of the children to be a result of their mother’s personality disorder, manipulation and brain washing. Subsequently, KGG obtained sole custody of both boys for the father and barred the mother from visiting the children for a period of time.

Substantial Divorce Settlement Obtained for KGG’s Client & Mother of Two

KGG represented a woman in the matter of her divorce after a ten-year marriage. We obtained on our client’s behalf: principal residential custody of her two children aged 6 and 8, an $800,000 distribution of her former husband’s $1.6 million business and 50% of all other marital assets including pensions. In addition, KGG obtained $100,000 per year in alimony and $100,000 year in child support.

Matter of Sir Rudolf Bing

At 87 years of age, world renowned opera impresario and former Metropolitan Opera President Sir Rudolf Bing was kidnapped, spirited to Virginia and married by an alleged schizophrenic celebrity stalker. Our divorce attorneys represented his guardians in the litigation, which was required to force the return of the couple from a 10 month Caribbean and European escape prior to the resulting 28 day trial for annulment. While litigation was pending, the court barred the wife from unsupervised visitation with Sir Bing.

The court concluded that Sir Rudolf was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease at the time of the abduction, did not comprehend who the wife was at the time of the marriage and that he subsequently lacked the legal capacity to consent to the marriage. The court annulled the marriage and granted an Order of Protection, which barred the wife from any further contact with Sir Bing.

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