Shopping Mall Injuries

Slip and Fall Accident at a Shopping Mall?

Personal Injury Attorneys Explain Premises Liability

Slip and fall accidents, including escalator and elevator accidents, fall under premises liability law

If your injuries are found to be the result of negligence by property owners or proprietors, personal injury attorney Barry S. Kantrowitz is fully prepared to investigate, negotiate and litigate aggressively on your behalf. It may not seem to be the case until you are involved in an accident, but shopping malls, strip malls and shopping centers can be dangerous places.

Shopping malls and other businesses purposefully invite the public into their stores to spend money. In return, the owners of such establishments must ensure all potential customers that their premises are safe.

Improper maintenance or lack of repair on elevators and escalators can cause malfunctions. Slip and fall accidents from slick floors or attacks in parking lots occur more often than people realize. Our article on premises liability may help you to better understand your claim.

We work hard to obtain full financial compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering associated with your serious injury. We extend our services on a contingency fee basis, so you owe no attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for your claim.

Do I Need a Lawyer After a Slip and Fall Accident at a Business?

When you have been injured at a shopping mall or other business, the personal injury lawyers at KGG protect your rights. Since 1975, we have offered aggressive advocacy and keen client commitment which has allowed us to produce proven successful results for our clients.

At KGG, our skilled slip and fall lawyers know that it is important to act quickly in the collection and analysis of wide varieties of evidence connected to your trip and fall accident. We want to help if you were seriously hurt in a shopping mall accident such as:

  • A slip and fall accident on a snowy or icy sidewalk, walkway or already unsafe environment
  • An encounter with a defective or malfunctioning elevator or escalator or other elevator accident
  • Assaults made possible by inadequate security lighting, or by absent or negligent security personnel
  • Falling merchandise or demonstrator retail items that malfunction and cause injury

We interview witnesses, examine surveillance video and scrutinize photographs that support your version of how you were seriously injured. In the event of an injury, it is important to contact an attorney at once, to ensure this important evidence is preserved.

Why Hire a Lawyer to Pursue Your Premises Liability Case?

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