What Will the Private Investigator Do?

As stated above, insurance companies will work hard to deny or minimize your claim. To accomplish this goal, they may hire a private investigator to follow or monitor you. Any piece of information that can undermine or call into question the severity of your injuries may help the insurance company limit your financial compensation. Some of the more common methods of surveillance include the following:

  • Online surveillance: It’s crucial to refrain as much as possible from any social media activity while your case is ongoing. Any update, picture, or video that you post can be used against you. Additionally, anything that you are tagged in can be used against you.
  • Following you: In general, nothing prevents a private investigator from following you or taking pictures and videos of you once you leave your home. Therefore, it is wise to assume you are being followed while your claim is ongoing– and conduct your life accordingly.
  • Eyewitness interviews: Your friends, relatives, neighbors, or co-workers may be contacted by a private investigator to gather information about your day-to-day activities what you may have said about your accident or injuries.
  • Observing you on your private property: Even if you are on your own private property, a shrewd private investigator may still be able to observe what you are doing—particularly if you are outside.

Tips You Can Follow to Protect Yourself

Being seriously injured in an accident incurs physical, emotional, and financial stress. Adding the possibility of being followed by a private investigator can amplify the distress. Here are some tips that may help you minimize your stress and maximize the financial compensation that you ultimately receive:

  • Strictly follow all of your doctor’s orders. For example, if your doctor told you not to lift anything over 10 pounds, do not pick up your child. If your doctor told you to stay off of your feet for the next 30 days, do not walk around your neighborhood two days later.
  • Assume that you are being followed. While this is admittedly a very unpleasant way of life, it is only temporary. While your claim is ongoing, before you do anything, especially in public, assume that someone will see it.
  • It may also be a good move to delete all your social media accounts until your claim has been fully resolved. You may be smart and not post anything that could harm your claim while your case is ongoing. However, a private investigator may still discover old posts, pictures, or videos of your pre-accident life that may allude to dangerous or illegal activities, which can be used against you.

You Are Not Alone

In the aftermath of your accident, your life may be chaotic as you struggle with the new normal. We recommend that you consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They will help you to prevent a private investigator from undermining your claim. The right attorney may ensure that you receive the compensation you need to rebuild your life.

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