What Should I Do If a Nursing Home Fails to Give My Relative Medication?

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Nursing Home Abuse

Whenever you place your family member in a nursing home, you would expect that he or she would receive professional care. However, this is not always the case. nursing home negligence

Sometimes, nursing homes have issues surrounding employees when it comes to the care of patients. These problems are often seen in the form of abuse and neglect, which may take many forms.

Recently, a Rochester nursing home employee admitted to stealing prescription drugs from elderly patients by placing other pills in their place. According to the Associated Press, Deborah Cleveland was a med tech at the Heather Heights Assisted Living and Memory Care Facility, located in Pittsford, when the alleged theft occurred.

The AP reported that Cleveland was charged with a misdemeanor count of attempted fraud. She reportedly stole 650 pills, including 230 oxycodone painkillers from a victim.

Can I File a Lawsuit If My Loved One Is Injured in a Nursing Home?

It is sad that patients at this nursing home may not have received prescription drugs because of the alleged actions of this nurse. A nursing home must be held liable whenever an employee does something that leads to the harm of a resident.

Forms of nursing home neglect can include bedsores, malnutrition or dehydration and infections, in addition to signs of abuse, which can include broken bones and bruises. A resident being withheld prescribed medication is a form of neglect, as he or she may need it to survive.

Your loved one should not have to suffer if he or she is a resident at a nursing home. You should never assume that your loved one is adequately being cared for in a nursing home—make sure you investigate any suspicions of abuse or neglect that you may have.

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KGG’s Corner: Bedsores can result when a nursing home fails to reposition an immobile patient.

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