How to Report Abuse in Nursing Homes?

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Nursing Home Abuse

The law requires doctors, social workers, nurses, and other health care professionals to report the signs of nursing home abuse. In some states, all citizens, regardless of vocation can report the suspected nursing home abuse. It should be reported in specific details as soon as possible.

Nursing home abuse can be reported in a number of different ways depending on the situation. The following methods can be used to report a nursing home abuse:

  • Contact a health care doctor, a social worker, an elder patient advocate, or other nursing home’s supervisory staff for guidance on the nursing home abuse case.
  • If the nursing home abuse you suspect is an emergency, contact the local police department immediately by calling 911.
  • If the abuse is not a life-threatening emergency, you can make a report at the local law enforcement agency or district attorney’s office.

There are several agencies involved in the welfare of nursing home residents. These agencies provide assistance in reporting a nursing home abuse:

  • Adult Protective Services (APS): The role of APS varies from state to state. Adult Protective Services (APS) generally investigates on reports of abuse, offer responsive services, and advises on other resources that may be available.

  • The National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence has a list of hotlines in each state for reporting elder abuse.
  • The Long-Term Care Ombudsman protects the health, safety and rights of nursing home resident. They also investigate concerns and complaints related to nursing home residents.

Seek legal assistance from a nursing home abuse lawyer

It is important to hire a lawyer who has experience in nursing home abuse cases. A nursing home abuse lawyer can assist you to report the abuse properly and to the correct agency. They can also ensure that the agency follow up and investigates on the reported abuse. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help to work out issues with law enforcement officials, and provide guidance in the process of taking civil legal action against the abuser or the nursing home facilitator.

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