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Lawsuits are currently being filed against the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania. Many golf enthusiasts purchased lifetime memberships to the Resort, and these memberships were recently wrongfully terminated. Plaintiffs allege that in 1988, the luxury resort began offering memberships represented to be lifetime in nature. These members were entitled to certain perks and access to the two Pete Dye golf courses on the property.

400 Club Memberships

These lifetime memberships were known as the Nemacolin 400 Club, and members were granted special access to the top-notch golf courses, fitness and pool facilities, membership events, and parties. For a one-time initiation fee, an individual could become a lifetime member of the 400 Club.

Homeowner Memberships

These 400 Club memberships were also made available to individuals who purchased certain townhomes and condominiums and other types of real property in the vicinity of the Resort. Plaintiffs allege that the Resort indicated that owners of these properties would remain 400 Club members for as long as they owned those properties. Further, these 400 Club Properties were marketed to include a 400 Club membership at the Resort.

Additionally, 400 Club Property owners had the option to purchase an annual Homeowner Membership that granted unlimited access to the Resort’s golf courses and other facilities, along with other discounts and perks as well. The annual dues for an individual Homeowner Membership are $2,700, and the annual dues for a family Homeowner Membership are $3,300.

Members Paid Extra for Unlimited Access to the Resort

Nemacolin 400 Club members were also provided the option to purchase a 400 Club Plus membership, which granted these members the unlimited use of the Resort’s golf courses and facilities, along with other perks, discounts, and amenities throughout the Resort. An individual 400 Club Plus membership costs $2,700 per year, while a family 400 Club Plus membership costs $3,300 annually.

 No Warning or Justification

In or around 2020, the Resort began wrongfully terminating these memberships without any notice or justification. Members were informed that the 400 Club had been terminated, and the memberships would no longer be honored. They lost access to the Resort’s golf courses, facilities, and amenities included in the memberships, and the Resort still refuses to honor them.

A Significant Price Hike

Later in 2020, the Resort began offering a Woodlands Club membership that, based on the their website, appears to be substantially similar to the 400 Club. Woodlands Club initiation fees are approximately $25,000, with an additional $10,000 per year in annual maintenance fees. This is a steep increase from the revenue the Resort was generating from the 400 Club members.

Was Your Lifetime Membership Wrongfully Terminated?

These former 400 Club members are now filing lawsuits against the Resort seeking damages for the wrongful termination of these lifetime memberships. If your lifetime membership was wrongfully terminated, call the legal team of Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C. and Robert Dowd today to learn more about your rights– including the options of filing an individual claim or joining a class action against Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

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