Albany Nursing Assistant Charged With Breaking Resident’s Arm

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.News

According to the Albany Times Union, an assistant at an Albany nursing home allegedly broke the arm of an elderly resident who had to plead for help for nearly 12 hours before receiving assistance.

The paper reported that the incident took place on August 17, 2013 at the Hudson Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Albany. The aide involved in the attack, Sarina Francis, recently pleaded guilty to a felony and will be sentenced in March.

The health department, in investigating the case, said that Hudson Park failed to protect and care for the 84-year-old woman for more than 12 hours after she was assaulted. The victim died a month later.

The resident, who suffered from dementia and hearing loss, reportedly struck Francis in the face with a closed fist as Francis attempted to move her in a wheelchair inside the facility. When Francis and another employee transported the victim to her room, Francis reportedly grabbed the victim’s left wrist and twisted it behind her head. The victim reportedly yelled, “You broke my wrist.”

Francis reportedly asked to go home after the incident, but was persuaded by other staff members to stay, who were unaware of the physical encounter. She reportedly cared for Jones for another five and a half hours.

Other employees began to notify the nurse supervisor on duty that the victim was complaining that her arm was broken; however, after the nurse agreed to look at the victim’s arm, he or she concluded it was not broken.

Once other staff members from other shifts began to rotate into the facility, they noted Jones and ordered an X-ray of her arm and she was transferred to an area hospital.

Francis pleaded guilty on January 13 to one count of second-degree endangering the welfare of a vulnerable elderly person, a felony.

Where Can I Find a Rockland County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

Nursing home abuse and neglect is something that needs to be taken very seriously. If a nursing home fails to protect its residents from assaults, then it should be held liable for negligence. Signs of nursing home injuries include bedsores, malnutrition or dehydration, head injuries and infections. All of these issues are unacceptable.

Your loved one should not have to endure a shocking attack or experience abuse while residing at a nursing home. KGG lawyer Barry S. Kantrowitz investigates suspicions if you believe that neglect has caused an injury to your relative.

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KGG’s Corner: The New York State Department of Health is responsible for investigating complaints and incidents involving nursing homes.


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