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Do you have questions about being served legal paperwork? Speak to our attorneys today. divorce

In many circumstances, you will be requested to respond to this paperwork in a specific period of time or be asked to show up to court. You need to make sure you receive proper legal advice when it comes to these situations.

Common occurrences for being served legal paperwork include issues involving family law and divorce cases. Do not overreact to being served legal paperwork—in some cases, this could occur at your job or in another public setting. You should remain calm and seek legal assistance.

Recently, in an unusual case, a New York City family court ruled that a man could use his Facebook account to serve his ex-wife a legal notice about child support. It was the first time a court allowed this to occur in the United States involving a person who was living in the country.

The man said that he was not able to serve his ex-wife the paperwork in any of the usual ways—that she moved without providing a forwarding address and that he could not locate her whereabouts on Google. However, he did see her posting on Facebook frequently.

The court reportedly agreed that the man made a good faith effort to serve her the paperwork, and allowed him to serve the woman using the social media site.

How Can I Speak to an Attorney About My Divorce?

Again, if you have been served legal documents, make sure you do not overreact to the issue. Contact our attorneys as soon as possible. We will work with you when it comes to issues like divorce, child custody or spousal support payments.

Our attorneys have decades of experience when it comes to family law matters. Contact us today if you have been served divorce paperwork, or any other legal document relating to a family law case.

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