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The Huffington Post had an interesting story last week, giving tips for people on how to stay healthy following a divorce.

According to Gallup poll findings, people who go through a divorce score lower than married individuals on measures of physical and mental health, the HuffPost reported.

According to the site’s article, titled “3 Ways To Stay Healthy During Divorce”, there are a number of ways you can stay in shape and emotionally balanced following a divorce. Here is advice the site offered:

  • Don’t fall into an isolated rutt (Focus on reaching out to your closest friends so you have a support group. They’ll let you vent, help you with your kids, and may even distract you from your problems.)
  • Take care of your needs (Take a walk, hit the gym, go for a mani or pedi — whatever it is that makes you feel like you again. You should also provide more structure in your life.)
  • Try to see the lighter side of the situation (Attempt to find humor in life. Sure, this may be hard but think of the best comediennes; they take some of life’s worst problems and put a funny spin on them.)

I Need a Bergen County Divorce Attorney

Divorces can be especially taxing when they are contentious. Issues over things like infidelity or finances can cause a marriage to end abruptly. If you are contemplating a divorce or your spouse has filed for one, you will need to deal with matters of child custody and visitation, division of marital assets, alimony and child support and prenuptial agreements, which can add unwanted stress.

These issues create a need to speak with our experienced divorce attorneys, who can provide skilled legal guidance at challenging times. Our attorneys have almost four decades of experience in family law negotiations—let our firm arrange your initial consultation.

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