KGG Successfully Represents Parents in Custody Battles

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Family Law Attorney

Child custody and visitation cases are fraught with difficulty. A skilled custody-visitation attorney is a necessity. At KGG, we have five full-time matrimonial attorneys all of whom are skilled in custody and visitation matters. Custody and visitation often requires you to defend against Domestic Violence (DV) claims; allegations of drug and alcohol use; and many other attacks on your person and character. Photo of child

It is very important during the custody case and in time preceding it to give the appearance that you are a cooperative, friendly, parent who will help the children to realize their relationship with the other parent…notwithstanding how you may feel about them. If you’re going to prevent visitation or parenting time, there had better be a significant reason why. That reason must be that contact with the other parent is dangerous for the child’s well-being or specifically not in the child’s best interest.

We at KGG often handle hotly contested custodial and visitation cases. Often, the “W.T.F. factor” decides the case. That is Willingness To Foster a relationship for the children with the other parent.

Paul Goldhamer Victorious in Child Custody Case

Paul Goldhamer of KGG had a major child custody fight victory in late February.  It’s our 3rd major custody victory in 3 months. This was a 13 day trial over 6 months, where the psychiatrist was prejudiced against our full time employed female client. The adversary-father (represented by other competent counsel) was also an attorney who was very clever & somewhat devious. Employed by a municipality in the county where they lived, he orchestrated the client’s arrest for Domestic Abuse. We had the charges dismissed. The father alleged all types of violence.  The judge was extremely skilled & patient & took the time to see through the smoke to get to the truth. Justice does work! A good lawyer is imperative.

In a custody battle last month, Goldhamer won Principle Residential Custody for a full time employed Father against a stay at home mother. In that case, the wife filed 5 domestic violence complaints, alleging rampant drug & alcohol abuse & Domestic Violence. She also filed, complaints with the Child Protective Services against the dad. All petitions were defended and dismissed or determined to be “Unfounded”. The judge in that case was very experienced & patient beyond belief. By practicing patience, the judge gave us enough time to peel the veneer off a practiced, psychiatrically impaired liar & prove the father was the better custodial parent.

Randy Perlmutter Successfully Represents a Father

Attorney Randy Perlmutter, of KGG, had a career Custody victory earlier this month. Representing a Father diligently & tenaciously for a period of 9 years, he had the original custody determination concerning 2 young girls overturned, due to a change in circumstances. The court gave Principle Residential Custody to the Father. In this case, 7 years ago, the Father & Mother signed a contract to give custody to the mother, subject to Father’s visitation. Mother continually interfered with Father’s visitation & relentlessly tried to damage the father’s relationship with the children. She too, filed numerous petitions alleging Domestic Violence (D.V.) & sexual misconduct. Randy had numerous D.V.s dismissed & successfully filed many Visitation enforcement petitions. Through skillful cross examination over an 8 day trial, spanning 4 months, Randy unveiled the truth of this matter demonstrating to the judge that the Mother was incapable of fostering a relationship between the children & their Father. The court finally awarded Principal Residential Custody to the Father.

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