Divorce Rate Tied to More Men Living Alone

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Family Law Attorney

A recent Huffington Post article, using information provided by the U.S. Census, shows that more American men are living alone than ever before, possibly due to divorce.

According to the HuffPost, Census data shows that the number of men between the ages of ages of 15 and 64, who are the head of a one-person household, has risen since 1970. The site said that in 1970, 23 percent of men fell within this category, while 34 percent do today.

The statistics indicate that divorce could be the reason behind the rise in men living alone. According to the HuffPost, during the same period there was a spike in the divorce rate. Census data indicates that there was no difference in the number of women living in single person households during the same period.

The information suggests that due to divorce, children are more likely to end up living with their mothers and more men are living alone as a result. However, readers should know that men and women have equal parental rights to their children.  Divorce does not carry a stigma any longer and it is becoming increasingly common for people in disruptive or unsupportive marriages to seek legal remedies.

The data suggests that it is extremely important to get sound legal advice when dealing with child custody and visitation. Our family law and divorce attorneys understand that divorce proceedings are stressful. To speak with Paul B. Goldhamer and his associates, call our toll-free phone number at (800) 711-5258.

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