Baby Boomers Causing Rise in Divorce Cases

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The Washington Post had an interesting story last month about how divorce is on the rise nationally, and it is because of Baby Boomers.

Our blog has covered this trend previously; however, the Post story paints a new light on the story. According to the Post¸ new research by demographers at the University of Minnesota has found that the divorce rate has not in fact declined since 1980, it has only flattened among certain demographics. prenuptial-postnuptial-agreement

In the past, it was thought by experts that the rate began to decline in the 1980s, after the “sexual revolution” in the 1950s that sparked an increase in the number of divorce cases that nationally began to decline.

However, when demographers began studying rates, they discovered that the age-standardized divorce rate has actually risen by 40 percent since 1980. Most of this is attributed to people over the age of 50, who are divorcing more than ever.

“This is likely due to a variety of reasons: people are waiting longer to get married, and cohabitation is on the rise,” the Post reported. “In the 1970s, a couple might get married at 25 and be divorced by 30. But today, that same couple would be more likely to simply live together for a few years and then head their separate ways when things go south.”

Last month, National Public Radio reported that Americans over 50 are now twice as likely to get a divorce as people of the same age merely 20 years ago.

Is Divorce a Reasonable Option at an Older Age?

Divorce at an older age is always an option if you are in an unhealthy marriage. In fact, sometimes divorces among older couples have less contentious issues to hash out, like child custody or child support, as children produced during the relationship are adults and not a part of a case.

If you are older, you are likely going to need to speak to an attorney about issues involving the division of marital assets and alimony for your divorce case.

Let our firm arrange your initial consultation. During this time, you would meet with a paralegal that will spend approximately 20 minutes with you obtaining basic facts concerning your marriage and finances. After which, you will watch a short video, which will answer many common questions about a divorce, which will take approximately 20 minutes.

After viewing the video, you would meet with our divorce attorney. For more information about divorce cases and marriage, you can read Paul Goldhamer’s Ten Commandments of Matrimonial Law.

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