Has Uber Been Sued Over Its “Safe Rides Fee”?

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With this in mind, according to Forbes, Uber, the popular transportation program, has been hit with a class action lawsuit over passengers who are upset over the company’s $1 “Safe Rides Fee”.

The news outlet reported that the company attaches the fee to each person’s ride, saying it goes towards “driver training, background checks and vehicle inspections.” However, customers involved in the lawsuit say that Uber pockets the fee, saying the company’s background checks were misleadingly represented as “industry leading.”

The lawsuit was filed last month in a San Francisco federal court. According to the lawsuit, to drive for Uber, all a person has to do is submit his or her name and identification to the company—it says that people do not actually have to prove that the identification provided actually belongs to them.

According to Forbes, someone with a criminal record could, in theory, become an Uber driver using the identity of a sibling or a friend the lawsuit indicates.

How Can I Speak to a Class Action Lawyer About an Unethical Fee?

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As this case shows, companies that allegedly promote consumer fraud can be held liable. Remember, the benefit of a class action lawsuit is that it allows many people to sue for a collective amount, which makes the lawsuit financially practical.

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Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/ellenhuet/2014/12/27/uber-class-action-lawsuit-safe-rides-fee/2/

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