Toyota Recalls 6.4 Million Vehicles Over Seat and Airbag Defects

According to the New York Times, Toyota is recalling nearly 6.4 million vehicles worldwide for problems with air bags that may not deploy or seats that could move in a crash. car-accidents

The recall was announced in early April. The Times reported that the recall would affect 1.8 million vehicles in the United States.

Toyota released a statement saying it was not aware of any injuries or deaths related to the product defect. The company said it would contact vehicle owners and fix the air bag defect and seats.

The vehicles involved in this recall include:

  • 2006-10 Yaris hatchbacks
  • 2007-10 Yaris sedans
  • 2008-10 Scion xDs

“Last year, Toyota recalled 5.3 million vehicles in the United States, the most of any automaker,” the Times reported.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that for the last two years, Toyota has called back more vehicles in the U.S. than any other automaker.

What Should I Do If I Own a Recalled Toyota Vehicle?

The numbers reported by the media about Toyota’s recall are alarming. It is unacceptable that the company is putting so many defective vehicles on the roadway. People could die, and have died in past cases, because of the company’s negligence.

Earlier this year, Toyota settled a Justice Department investigation for $1.2 billion after it was found to have concealed information about defects that caused sudden, unintended acceleration in several vehicle models. These defects have been linked to wrongful deaths.

If you own a defective vehicle, it is very possible that you could file a class action lawsuit against the company, which allows consumers who have been affected nationally to potentially receive compensation.

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