Time Warner Customers File Lawsuit Over Company Dropping CBS

According to ABC News, three Time Warner Cable customers filed lawsuits against the company for dropping CBS from its channel lineup in several major cities including New York.

About 3.5 million customers do not have access to CBS through Time Warner after the cable company battled the network over fees. The plaintiffs filed the lawsuits two weeks ago in Los Angeles County Superior Court and hope that they can build their case into a class action lawsuit.

Time Warner is reportedly battling CBS over the fees it charges to carry its programming. On August 2, the cable provider dropped the network after it failed to reach an agreement over the fees. Consumer groups have urged Time Warner to refund its customers for the costs associated with carrying CBS, an estimated 40 to 75 cents per month.

It will be interesting to see how these lawsuits play out and whether they reach class action status. Some entertainment experts have said that disputes between cable providers and networks are not uncommon and typically do not last long after blackouts.

A class action is a lawsuit in which one or many individuals who sustained damages in similar situations sue on behalf of themselves and all others who have been injured by the acts of the defendant. Our attorneys have been involved in prosecuting many class action lawsuits.

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