Purchase a Sunoco Gift Card?

Our class action lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Sunoco, a company that owns gas stations and retail stores throughout the United States. Sunoco previously represented that Sunoco gift cards “can be used at any Sunoco station and is good for purchase at every Sunoco – just like cash.” At the gasoline pumps, Sunoco stations had signs that declared, “Sunoco Gift Cards SAME AS CASH.” graifman

At Sunoco gas stations, the company charges a lower price for gasoline for cash-paying customers than they do for customers paying by a credit or debit card.

However, Sunoco stations charged gift card users the higher price for gasoline as if it was purchased by a credit or debit card, not the lower price they offered for cash customers. This is despite its contentions that the gift cards could be used “just like cash.” It is alleged that these representations and material omissions were deceptive and constituted unconscionable commercial practices.

The class action lawsuit was voluntarily dismissed pending further investigation of additional instances in which consumers used the gift cards and were charged the higher credit card price instead of the cash price.

How Can I Join the Sunoco Class Action Lawsuit?

If you purchased or earned a Sunoco gift card and used it to buy gasoline and believe you were charged the credit card price, you should contact KGG attorney Gary Graifman by calling (800) 711-5258 or fill out our online contact form for more information.

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