Was Your Personal Information Exposed in the Home Depot Data Breach?

Have you experienced issues with your credit card because of the data breach at Home Depot? Photo of legal document

The breach, which was confirmed by the company last month, has affected the identities of up to 56 million cardholders who shopped at the hardware store.

The attorneys at KANTROWITZ GOLDHAMER & GRAIFMAN, P.C. (“KGG”) have filed a lawsuit against Home Depot regarding the security breach. We are currently looking for consumers who experienced complications to join the lawsuit.

To read the complaint we filed in the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division, you can click here. We are dedicated to holding companies with poor security management liable for negligence.

Class action lawsuits like this protect consumers who may have suffered financial losses and/or injuries at the hands of a company, as one or many individuals who have sustained damages in similar situations can sue on behalf of themselves and all others who have been wronged by the acts of the defendant.

How Can I Join the Home Depot Data Breach Lawsuit?

It is highly disturbing that millions of people may have had their information compromised because of lax security provided by Home Depot. In cases like this, as we have seen in the past with companies like Target and eBay, data breaches can result in widespread identity theft.

If you shopped at Home Depot, you should check your credit reports and credit card statements to see if you were the victim of any fraudulent charges or see if someone attempted to acquire credit in your name. If you have experienced any issues, call us today.

Attorney Gary S. Graifman can be reached by calling (800) 711-5258 or by filling out the contact form located on this page. Do not let the reckless actions of a company harm you.

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