Class Action Lawyers: BP Agrees To Tainted Gasoline Settlement

According to the Associated Press, BP has agreed to a $7 million settlement to resolve a class action lawsuit filed last year after the company recalled about 4.7 million gallons of tainted gasoline in four states.

The AP reports that BP has agreed to compensate thousands of consumers who bought gas at 575 retail outlets in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio in August 2012. The gas was formulated improperly and caused some vehicles to experience “hard starting, stalling and mechanical-component damage.”

“The decision to settle this litigation is a reflection of BP’s commitment to provide consistent, dependable, high-quality gasoline to its consumers, as demonstrated by its fuels guarantee, and to avoid protracted litigation,” BP said in a statement.

A judge in Chicago will need to approve the settlement. According to the AP, “BP has resolved and paid more than 16,800 consumer claims totaling about $16 million involving the tainted gasoline that was processed at the company’s Whiting [Indiana] refinery.”

BP said that through the settlement, it “will publish notices in the media and on a settlement website”, explaining how consumers can submit a claim for compensation if they own a damaged vehicle.

A class action lawsuit is a representative claim in which one or many individuals who sustained damages in similar situations sue on behalf of themselves and all others who have been affected.

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