Former NCAA Football Player Files Class Action Compensation Lawsuit

According to NBC Sports, a class action lawsuit filed by former Florida Gators football defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd claims that the NCAA is violating federal antitrust laws. Photo of legal document

The lawsuit, which also names the Southeastern Conference and 11 other conferences as a defendants, was filed last month, and focuses on grants and aid for student athletes.

The lawsuit claims that the conferences have formed an “illegal cartel”, limiting the caps on the value of athletic scholarships.

Additionally, the lawsuit claims that while colleges are not allowed to recruit players using money, schools can “compete for players by pouring millions of dollars into their stadiums and arenas, building state-of-the-art training facilities and luxury locker rooms, and offering players deluxe dorm rooms and extensive tutoring services.”

The lawsuit claims that student athletes are now treated as unpaid labor. The lawsuit also addressed subjects including allowing athletes to have jobs and fair meal plans. Following the filing, Floyd released a statement on Twitter.

“Student athletes need to be respected more,” Floyd said. “It’s hard for great coaches to do their job when their athletes are just looking for something as simple as an extra meal, a movie date with a friend and comfort that they are gonna be taken care of and not taken advantage of.”

An Organization Refuses to Pay Me For My Work. Do I Have Legal Options?

It should be noted that there are currently hundreds of lawsuits pending against the NCAA over unpaid labor claims. There are also lawsuits pending over issues like athlete likenesses being used in marketing, video games and apparel without compensation for students.

Additionally, there has been an effort at Northwestern University among some current and former football players to unionize in an attempt to gain collective bargaining rights. Many of these athletes claim that they have to devote more than 40 hours a week to sport and sometimes sacrifice class work in order to compete in events, while universities receive millions of dollars in payments.

If you have questions about class action lawsuits and wage issues, you should contact an attorney. Currently, countless people across the country are fighting for the right to receive fair and just compensation for their services from employers.

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