Has an employer ever paid you less than minimum wage or denied you overtime pay? Photo of clock

Recently, there have been numerous class action lawsuits filed against employers for wage claims, generating widespread media attention. In these cases, many employees claim that employers have failed to pay required stipends, forced off-the-clock tasks to be performed, enforced unlawful wage deductions and avoided overtime payments.

The class action lawsuits have proven to be a powerful tool in wage and overtime disputes for employees. In several high-profile cases, multimillion-dollar verdicts have been rendered in favor of employees, allowing them to receive back pay and damages.

In a recent case, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered Wal-Mart to pay $188 million to employees who had sued the retailer for failing to compensate them for rest breaks and all hours worked.

The decision will allow about 187,000 Wal-Mart employees who worked in Pennsylvania between 1998 and 2006 to seek compensation, according to Reuters.

How Can I Speak to a Class Action Lawyer About an Employment Dispute?

If you have been wronged by your employer and have interest in speaking with an attorney about a potential class action lawsuit, please contact Gary S. Graifman, Esq. to schedule a free consultation.

You deserve to be paid a legal wage—do not let your employer take advantage of you by working you through breaks or forcing you to perform work off the clock. Speak to us if you are experiencing these issues.

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