Firm Investigates Defects in TrimBoard of Louisiana Pacific

The Firm is investigating defective product claims regarding TrimBoard, a wood exterior trim product manufactured by the Louisiana-Pacific Corporation. The product is promoted and represented as a low cost alternative for use as soffits, fascia, corner board, window trim, door trim, and general exterior use on homes, apartments, and other structures.

Although marketed as superior to real wood trim products, TrimBoard has been connected to premature deterioration, rotting, and swelling. Consumer complaints report that TrimBoard’s tendency to readily absorb moisture renders it unsuitable for outdoor use. Over-absorption of water compromises the stability, longevity, and aesthetic appearance of the product. In addition, any consequential water and structural damage to the TrimBoard promotes the growth of health-threatening mold, mildew, fungi, and termites on the structures on which it is installed.

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