Distracted Driver Accidents in New York or New Jersey?

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The car accident lawyers at KGG have aggressively protected the rights of car, truck and motorcycle accident victims, including those injured as a result of distracted driving, for decades — and our attorneys have collected many millions of dollars in pain and suffering compensation and personal injury settlements.

A distracted driver is someone who is unable to make the kinds of quick decisions that keep us all safe on the road because his or her full attention is not on driving. Distracted driving is dangerous for everyone on the road and can often result in serious car wrecks and injuries to other drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Technology has made it easier and more likely for drivers to become distracted on the road, but cellphones and texting while driving are certainly not the only contributing factors to distracted driving. Any activity from eating to putting on makeup can distract a driver and result in a crash.

Do I Have a Distracted Driving Car Accident Case?

Just the simple act of sending a text message while operating a vehicle could wind up causing spinal cord injuries to another driver or the wrongful death of a pedestrian that the driver failed to see. Distracted driving and texting and driving accidents are dangerous when they involve the drivers of sedans and other smaller vehicles, but trucking accidents can cause even more damage if truck drivers and the drivers of other commercial vehicles are not giving their full attention to the road.

How Much is an Injury Worth? Should I Accept a Settlement?

Every case is different, so it is hard to say. But, if you want to recover the full financial compensation you deserve from your accident — if lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering have become your way of life — contact KGG to speak to our auto accident attorneys today. We can discuss what to do after a car accident. You can meet with us in our personal injury law firm offices in Rockland County, NY or Bergen County, NJ. If you are injured and cannot make the trip, we can come to you upon request.

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