How to Get Surveillance Camera Footage of Your Auto Accident

By Kantrowitz, Goldhamer & Graifman, P.C.Auto Accident

Many types of evidence could be useful in an auto accident lawsuit. Few are as powerful as video of the accident itself. In this day and age, the volume of surveillance cameras is astounding. From business security cameras to traffic cameras, multiple systems may have recorded your crash. If you were involved in an accident, tracking down the video should be one of your top priorities. An attorney can assist you with identifying relevant video cameras and obtaining copies of them.

Obtaining New York traffic camera footage

There are hundreds of cameras interspersed throughout the intersections in New York. They primarily exist to identify speeders. While any intersection could have a traffic camera, they are prevalent in school zones.

Despite the prevalence of them, it is unlikely they are of much use to you. Most of these cameras are positioned in a way that they record license plates of speeding drivers. Rarely will they record the circumstances surrounding a collision.

Not all of these cameras are recording at all times, either. The resources required to run cameras 24 hours a day are substantial, leading some cities to turn them off at times. Others only offer a live feed to law enforcement but do not record the entirety of the stream.

Retrieving footage from private cameras

Thankfully, public traffic cameras are only one source of surveillance footage in New York. Privately-owned cameras often represent a much better option for video recordings of accidents. This is true of security cameras mounted on private residences as well as businesses. Many surveillance systems are angled to record the front porch or yard of a home. They might also record any accidents that happen immediately in front of the home.

If you believe a security camera has recorded your accident, your attorney might be able to help obtain it. Even if the property owner does not want to help, a court order could require them to provide the footage—and it could change the scope of your injury claim.

The danger of delays

It is essential to seek video evidence of your accident right away. The longer you delay, the more likely it is that a useful record of the accident will disappear. Few private businesses keep their surveillance videos forever. In many cases, the system will record over it within a matter of days. Your attorney can get to work immediately to obtain the relevant surveillance video.

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